Dreamsicle 1.0.2

As Dreamsicle was made to work with Walkman phones, it organizes your music for proper playback, viewing, sorting and On-The-Go Phone playlist creation. Simply drag songs from your library to your phone using Dreamsicle's iApp-like UI...Dreamsicle puts your music where it needs to go so that you can fully take advantage of the Walkman phones music organization features.

Dreamsicle makes using your current iTunes Playlists with the Walkman phone a simple experience: just drag a playlist to your phone in the UI and Dreamsicle creates an "iTunes Playlists" Artists category on your phone! No need to manually recreate your painstakingly crafted Playlists via the Walkman software!

Dreamsicle can automatically reduce the size of your music files so that you can take more with you..."on-the-fly" resampling happens as your transfer.

Dreamsicle can even "Autofill" your phone with music when its launched from a Playlist you choose. Specify how much room you want to use, random or in-order transfer, weighted by rating or all of the above...its up to you!

Dreamsicle also works with your iPhoto library. With Dreamsicle, using existing pictures and photos and Wallpapers or Screensavers with your Walkman phone is as simple as choosing the pictures you want dragging them to your phone in the Dreamsicle UI. Wanna show off kids? You always have your phone with you; drag those photo albums to your phone too for impromptu slideshows on the go.

Dreamsicle can convert video clips on your Mac for playback on your Walkman phone without a lot of messing around with compression settings. Choose your clip and go. Dreamsicle keeps your converted clips organized for easy rotation and transfer.

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Dreamsicle 1.0.2

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